Executive Team

Phyllis Lisker, President

Phyllis carries forward the extraordinary diamond legacy of her late husband, Leo Lisker, founder of Antwerp Distributors, Inc.  Her thoroughgoing knowledge of the industry and deep institutional memory strengthen Antwerp’s efforts in countless ways.  Phyllis monitors our inventory control and manages senior staff.

Larry Lisker, Executive V.P. & Treasurer

Since the inception of Antwerp Distributors in 1954, Larry has been at the core of the company and its growth.  Larry expertly manages Antwerp’s finances, including budgeting and forecasting, and is heavily involved with business decisions and problem solving.  He is a brother of our founder, Leo Lisker.

Dovi Lisker, Operations Manager

Dovi’s superb gemological knowledge and operational skills are a driving force at Antwerp Distributors.  He’s involved in every aspect of the business and totally committed to embracing new technology and propelling the company forward.  A grandson of founder Leo Lisker, he represents the third generation of the Lisker family at Antwerp. 

Yaakov Herman, Senior Buyer

For more than 25 years, Yaakov has traveled the globe in search of fine diamonds.  Antwerp, Mumbai, and Tel Aviv, among other destinations, regularly draw him in his continuing quest to maintain our extensive inventory.  Yaakov’s knowledge of the market and expertise in judging diamonds are an invaluable resource for Antwerp Distributors.