How Clear is Your Vision of Success:

Is it Flawless or I3?

If you can keep a sharp, clean, clear vision in your mind of your own success, the results may just astonish you. 

What kind of mental pictures are you creating?

If you’re skeptical about the power of visualization, consider this:

A study at the University of Chicago tested students on their skill in shooting foul shots on the basketball court.  Once their level of success was recorded, the students were divided into three groups. 

For one month, group one practiced their shots in the gym for an hour a day.  Group two spent the same period of time each day, but they never went to the gym.  They only visualized taking shots.  The last group practiced neither in one the court nor in their mind.

Can you guess the results?  After the 30 days went by, the last group improved not at all.  The other two groups improved dramatically.  With the visualizing group improving just one percent less than the group that trouped to the gym.

Seeing with the Mind’s Eye

To the inner mind, you see, there’s almost no difference at all between actually doing something and simply seeing it with the mind’s eye.

Yes, your success – in sales and in so many other areas of your life – starts from within.  Never from without.

When diamonds are not flawless, they are what’s called “included.”  It’s an odd way of simply saying that flaws of various kinds are included within the stone. 

The diamond clarity rating system rates how included that stone is – judging the kinds of inclusions, their size, and their location.

Have you given some serious thought to the “inclusions” in your visualization?

Strive every day for high grade pictures in your mind.  Why settle for an I3 way of life, when sparkling clarity is within your reach?  Get the picture?