Original Author Unknown, Updated and Revised for the Jewelry Trade by Gary Spruch

I am proud to be a salesperson, and especially delighted to be a jewelry sales professional.

Regardless of how good, or how needed, a product or service might be, it has to be sold.

Eli Whitney was laughed at when he showed his cotton gin.  McCormick strived for fourteen years to get people to use his reaper.  Morse had to plead before ten Congresses before they would even look at his telegraph.

In jewelry sales, my situation is a little different.   People naturally desire my merchandise.   Its beauty stands out for all to see.

And yet, my customers hesitate.  They’re frightened to move forward.  They turn to me for guidance, counsel, and encouragement. 

They ask, whether with words or in silence, is this piece really right for me?  Am I worthy of it?  Am I deserving of its glory and grandeur? 

Highly personal and intimate, indeed, is my role in every sale made.

To be sure, as a salesperson, I’ve done more to make America great than any other person you know.

I was just as vital in your grandparents’ day as I am in yours, and I’ll be just as vital in your great-great-grandchild’s day. 

I have educated more people; created more jobs; taken more drudgery from the laborer’s work; given more profits to business; and given more people a fuller and richer life than anyone in history.

Without me, the wheels of industry would come to a grinding halt.

I am proud to be a sales professional, and I’m both proud and grateful that as such I serve my family, my country, and the world at large.