The Beauty and Brilliance of Diamonds -- in the Bible

The uniquely mystical, mysterious power of diamonds – and other precious gems – is acknowledged in the Bible.

What was the most exalted position in ancient Israel?  It was that of the High Priest. 

He conducted the loftiest services in the Temple in Jerusalem. And while doing so wore lavish garments befitting his divine role.

As Book of Exodus explains, these garments emblemized “glory and beauty."  

Enriched and Ennobled

And what was the most indispensable aspect of the High Priest’s garments? The precious gems on his breastplate.

There were four rows of stones on the breastplate, three in each row. On each stone was engraved a name of the one of the twelve tribes of Israel.  

Among these stones were diamonds, topaz, amethyst, onyx, and jasper – all set in glimmering gold.

In this beautiful universe, precious objects do indeed have a very special place. 

As we see in the Bible, diamonds and fine jewelry are part of the “glory and beauty” that can uplift, enrich, and ennoble us all.